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Terracotta Cladding

Terracotta cladding comes from pure natural materials. It is mostly composed of clay, mixed with water from nature and high-temperature...

Well Point System

What Is Well Point System? Well Point system can be utilized to lower levels of groundwater on any digging site to create solid working...

Sawtooth Roof

What Is the Sawtooth Roof? Similarly, as the name suggests, sawtooth roofs comprise a progression of edges with double pitches on each...

Catslide Roof

Catslide roofing is a roof that runs to the lower part of the roof’s eaves height and gives the building the width without altering the...

Drain Tile

What Does Drain Tile The name "drain tile" is somewhat deceptive since drain tile isn't tile at everything except typically an...


Various Types of Wood and their Uses Wood can be extensively named Softwood and Hardwood. Thickness is a significant determinant of the...


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